Bringing the studio online

I'm excited to be learning how to use my new website. I'm not scared in the slightest

When Scotland went into lockdown to get this pandemic under control I don’t think any of us thought it would last as long as it has. Nuala and I have spent many hours working away in the studio to keep things moving forward. I’ve missed the buzz the students bring into the studio when they come to make their creative ideas come to life! Nuala has mostly missed greeting students as loudly as possible and getting the attention she demands.
finding a focus

Keeping busy during lock down

A lock down reminder

As much as I’ve missed my classes I used the time to focus on creating my own body of work. It’s reminded me why I started teaching classes in the first place! I wanted to earn a wage while being in my studio full time rather than working for someone else and making my work on the side. I wanted to grow a community of creative people so we can share our skills with one another. I wanted to focus on my creative practice so I could create a cohesive body of work to be excited and proud of.

Two out of three isn’t good enough any more

It’s time for me to reach that last goal. As the studio begins to open its doors up to classes again there will be a few changes. Some will be for everyone’s safety as we make our way through this pandemic. I will only be allowing two students in a class at any time and the way we go about cleaning up will be a bit different. Other changes will be for me and my studio practice. I’ll be offering my regular classes on Thursdays and Fridays only with Saturdays for taster sessions. This gives me time to continue growing my own body of work. I’m excited for the future of the studio and the launch of this shiny new website. I’m hoping it will help us grow our community and I’m so looking forward to sharing my passion to create.

Looking forward to glazing!

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