Looking forward to the latest shop update!

The opening of a kiln can be followed by elation or devastation. It all depends on the kiln gods. Today they treated me very well indeed!

I’ve been buzzing and purring over each piece.  Feeling the textures and how well they sit cupped snuggly in my Hands. Letting myself get drawn in by the atmosphere and depth of the glazes.

I had to pause my swooning over each new piece. It was time to measure, label and take shots of each and every one. It was time to get them ready for the next shop update!  I’ll be getting the images and descriptions ready to add to our shop in the next day or two.  There will be jars, wine cups, mugs and more. All made in my wee studio.  Each created to remind the homes they go to that time is precious and to be enjoyed.


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