Bringing the studio online

When Scotland went into lockdown to get this pandemic under control I don’t think any of us thought it would last as long as it has. Nuala and I have spent many hours working away in the studio to keep things moving forward. I’ve missed the buzz the students bring into the studio when they come to make their creative ideas come to life! Nuala has mostly missed greeting students as loudly as possible and getting the attention she demands.
finding a focus

Keeping busy during lock down

A lock down reminder

As much as I’ve missed my classes I used the time to focus on creating my own body of work. It’s reminded me why I started teaching classes in the first place! I wanted to earn a wage while being in my studio full time rather than working for someone else and making my work on the side. I wanted to grow a community of creative people so we can share our skills with one another. I wanted to focus on my creative practice so I could create a cohesive body of work to be excited and proud of.

Two out of three isn’t good enough any more

It’s time for me to reach that last goal. As the studio begins to open its doors up to classes again there will be a few changes. Some will be for everyone’s safety as we make our way through this pandemic. I will only be allowing two students in a class at any time and the way we go about cleaning up will be a bit different. Other changes will be for me and my studio practice. I’ll be offering my regular classes on Thursdays and Fridays only with Saturdays for taster sessions. This gives me time to continue growing my own body of work. I’m excited for the future of the studio and the launch of this shiny new website. I’m hoping it will help us grow our community and I’m so looking forward to sharing my passion to create.

Looking forward to glazing!

Pots in Lockdown

Stay safe. Stay home.

For the safety of everyone we will need to change the way we do things at for the foreseeable future.  I’ll be missing everyone and the the buzz that comes into the studio with students.  It will be something to look forward to when the world opens up again. We will be in the studio jumping for joy when that day comes!

Keep your creative juices flowing

While we are stuck at home I will  happily deliver a bit of clay to my students.  Tackle  some hand building to pass the time!  Just send an email to set up the best delivery time.  I’ll make sure it gets to you. I plan to take this time to keep busy making and I’ll post what I’m up to as often as I can. If you have any queries about any hand building processes just drop an email and I’ll post answers with Images to work with!

Vouchers and pottery still available for gifts!

For those of you looking for gifts during this lock down my work is always available to purchase through my website,, and I am happy to post vouchers for taster classes. The classes will obviously have to wait until it’s safe to open the studio again, but it will be something fun for that special person in your life to look forward to!

Keep checking for updates!

I will also be working on some new pieces and will update the specialty shop as soon as these bodies of work are ready! If you would like to be one of the first to see what new imaginations I create please join my email list (here) and I’ll let you know when the shop is open for viewing.

Stay safe and stay home but don’t just sit about getting bored and anxious! Be creative, be thoughtful and be ready to enjoy life even more than ever when this comes to an end.

Much love,
Zibah and Nuala

Hello Fellow Clay Heads

I’m looking forward to showing off my latest design, Reed Ware, with small batch table sets! As always my work is influenced by my natural surroundings and the patterns we can find within it. My Reed Ware line is inspired by the reeds that my studio manager and I pass on our daily walk around Linlithgow Lock overlooking the Palace. Nuala loves nothing more than to run into the reeds sniffing about at this scent or that making the reeds sway and ruffle. I’ve tried to capture that flow of soft movement I’ve seen so many times in those layers of grasses and I hope you’ll all be as enchanted by them as I have. If you would like to be one of the first to hear about one of my online specialty sales please join my email list (here) and I’ll send along an invitation.

Classes at the studio are winding down as we come closer to our Christmas break, but we’re still having a fabulous time being creative! My students are always inspiring me with their imaginations. A chess set with a Scottish theme. A nativity scene full of colour and whimsy. A Christmas tree shaped tea light holder to brighten a winter window and wee Christmas cakes to share with family and friends abroad as well as lots of cups, bowls and more thrown on the potter’s wheel with their growing skills!

So here’s to the end of another year in the studio! The studio manager and I will be looking forward to seeing everyone after the new year full of new ideas and even more love for clay and creativity!

Cheers for now,
Zibah and Nuala

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