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Pottery Classes at Linlithgow Pottery

I offer intimate pottery classes in my studio.  There are two class options available to choose from.

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Another lockdown. Another challenge.

As we go into another lockdown we will stay positive! We have lots of great things coming to the shop soon to keep everyone busy and creative.

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My favourite time of year

Autumn has arrived! This is my favourite time of year. Time seems to slow. That’s usually because the bustle of summer fun has wound down.  

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Looking forward to the latest shop update!

The opening of a kiln can be followed by elation or devastation. It all depends on the kiln gods. Today they treated me very well indeed!

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Happy days are almost here!

Nuala and I have been so pleased to have Some of our old students back in the studio! We’ve had to make some changes to keep everyone safe but we’re […]

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Bringing the studio online

I’m excited to be learning how to use my new website. I’m not scared in the slightest

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Pots in Lockdown

Well, what can I say? Just as things were picking up after the new year and we were all getting back into the flow in the studio this pandemic stopped the world in its tracks. It was a sad moment when I sent out the news that the studio would be closing its doors but it was the only decision that could be made.

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Hello Fellow Clay Heads

This is my favourite time of year at Linlithgow Pottery! The studio has been buzzing with excitement in preparation for shows, creating unique pieces for Christmas sales and getting student work glazed and into the kilns before our annual break.

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