Another lockdown. Another challenge.

Doesn’t the studio managers face just say it all?

Just as things were beginning to flow again in our wee studio we’ll be closing our doors to the public once more.  I’m determined to stay positive.  My online shop will be available for your shopping needs.  If you’re local please pick collection and message me as I will be waiving shipping fees.  I’ll be getting kilns fired so my students can show off the pieces they’ve made.  I’ll also be getting my new work fired and ready for my next shop updates! I’m looking forward to sharing my latest creations.  So three weeks might not be so bad.  Fingers crossed after three weeks we’ll be back to safe levels of infection and things can cautiously open up a bit.  I guess that’s the main thing to remind ourselves during these trying times.  We need to help keep everyone safe.
I won’t be able to offer my drop in bauble painting this year.  It’s been one of my favourite workshops to offer. With that in mind I’ll have some great new kits in the shop soon!  The kits can be posted directly to you so lockdown or not you’ll have a chance to get creative with the whole family! It looks like we’ll have plenty of time to fill.
Stay safe and keep busy.  Don’t forget your local shops will be doing everything they can to keep trading.  Even if our doors are closed to the public we’ll be finding ways to continue to survive.  Some of us have online shops, some will deliver to your door, and some of us are collaborating to put together Linlithgow shop gift sets!  Keep checking back or join my mailing list to hear about What’s on offer in my shop updates.

My favourite time of year

This year is a bit different.  I think this year that feeling of slowing down comes from settling into a new way of life while we find our way safely through this pandemic.  Still, the world keeps turning and nature continues moving forward through its ever changing cycles.  

This is my favourite time of year.  I can feel the crispness in the air.  Everywhere I look I see animals preparing for a long winter or a long journey to warmer coasts.  The colours and textures are changing in the landscapes around us.  I can see the fields being turned giving way to rows of rich, dark soil.  The farmers are bundling the hay into big, golden rolls.  Trees are showing hints of reds, yellows and oranges.  soon we’ll be walking through the rustle of fallen leaves.  There’s an organic smell from the foliage under my every step.  The sun disappears earlier.  It’s the time of year to rest more.  It’s a time of change.

We’ve  had the stove on at the studio again. There’s something so comforting about a wood fire crackling and popping away in the background. It makes the studio that much more cozy and inviting.  I’m looking forward to spending more and more time creating in that wonderful space.  I’m finally getting the hang of updating the online shop and I’m looking forward to the next shop update!  I’ve been creating so many new things from my imagination.  The glazes will be inspired by those warm, rich autumn tones.  If you want to be one of the first to hear about shop updates don’t forget to join our mailing list.  


Looking forward to the latest shop update!

I’ve been buzzing and purring over each piece.  Feeling the textures and how well they sit cupped snuggly in my Hands. Letting myself get drawn in by the atmosphere and depth of the glazes.

I had to pause my swooning over each new piece. It was time to measure, label and take shots of each and every one. It was time to get them ready for the next shop update!  I’ll be getting the images and descriptions ready to add to our shop in the next day or two.  There will be jars, wine cups, mugs and more. All made in my wee studio.  Each created to remind the homes they go to that time is precious and to be enjoyed.

Happy days are almost here!

Nuala and I have been so pleased to have Some of our old students back in the studio! We’ve had to make some changes to keep everyone safe but we’re feeling good about how things are running.  The classes are smaller and we won’t be sharing tools or throwing buckets anymore.  This means needing to recycle our slop more often and will be a struggle for our little studio.
If our studio is to survive we need to start up new classes as soon as possible.  We need to purchase equipment and tools to safely open the studio up for taster classes but we’ve been closed with no income for the last six months. This is our dilemma. We’ve decided to raise funds through a crowdfunder campaign.

So have a look to learn more about the things we need.  Jump onto our crowdfunder to see all of the things on offer as thanks for supporting our sweet little studio community.  I will be adding new rewards from time to time so keep checking in to see what’s new! If you like what you see please pledge, grab one of the rewards and share With your contacts. Every little bit will help us keep our clay community together and help us grow through these uncertain times.
We look forward To being fully open as soon as possible.  We’ve missed the buzz around the studio!

Owl be waiting

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